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Still a wait for Gran Turismo 7 for PS4

by on13 September 2013

About a year or two till it arrives

PlayStation 4 fans waiting for Gran Turismo 7 will still have a bit of a wait till it arrives. Kanzunori Yamauchi producer at Polyphony Digital says it is about one to two year out from being ready. In fact Gran Turisnmo 6 for the PlayStation 3 is only about 80 percent completed.

Yamauchi told Famitsu that they are working hard to get the sixth game in the series completed and they are focused on making the December release date for the US and Europe. The majority of the game is completed, but they will be working right up till release day in fine tuning the game before it releases.

News that Gran Turismo 7 is quite a ways off for the PS4 might not sit well with fans of the franchise, but it is something that fans will be looking forward to seeing it inch its way toward release. Turn 10 Studios will have a significant jump with the release of Forza 5 which is Microsoft’s star racing franchise arriving for the Xbox One on launch day.

You can read translated version of the Gran Turismo news here.


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