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Console Christmas could kick-start UK economy

by on19 September 2013

Analysts rub their paws

The UK is expected to spend £1.2bn in retail shops for the Xbox One and PS4 this Christmas. Christmas sales are expected to be high with 1.3 million Xbox Ones and 1.8 million PS4s sold in the UK.

That's according to trade body the Entertainment Retailer's Association, which also says that number could rise to £3 billion if people are full of Christmas cheer. The figures are drawn from a consumer survey of over 2,000 people. If true, will make Christmas 2013 the biggest sale day ever for games stores.

The only thing that could go wrong is if there is not enough stock. It seems unlikely that there will be 3.1 million Xbox One and PS4 consoles in the channel this year. Still if it does, it could mark the end of the UK recession, which is a little odd if you think about it.

ERA director general Kim Bayley said the drama and excitement generated by PS4 and Xbox One look set to produce the sales boost retailers have been crying for.

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