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Apple promises to fix security flaw

by on20 September 2013

One day your prince will come

The security geniuses at Apple have promised that they will fix a flaw, which is threatening to de-rail sales of the new iPhones, one of these days, perhaps. When Apple created the iOS 7, the Tame Apple Press was quick to call it a cure for cancer. The rest of us did not see much under the bonnet worth caring about. It turns out that the passcode lock screen on iOS 7 suffers from a bug that allows anyone with direct access to the iPhone or iPad to bypass the lock screen and open apps.

It was discovered by 36-year-old soldier Jose Rodriguez, who lives on the Canary Islands, and it is a doddle to exploit. All you have to do is swipe up from the lock screen to access the new Control Center, then open the alarm clock app. Hold the phone's sleep button, but instead of swiping to power down the phone, tap cancel and double-tap the home button to access the multitasking screen.

From there, you can jump to the camera and share stored photos, which gives you access to the user's communication accounts such as e-mail, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and others. It works on all Apple gear running iOS 7. Apple said that it "takes security very seriously" and that it's "aware of this issue. We'll deliver a fix in a future software update."

Of course, it is not saying when it will fix it. It is not like it is important or anything, it is just an open door to all its products which could be carried out by a kindergarten kid, but why get too stressed?

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