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iPhone 5S sells out in 2 days

by on23 September 2013

Next shipment not till October

Apple has pretty much managed to sell out of the new iPhone 5s in less than two days. The latest news from Apple’s store is that those still wanting an iPhone 5s are likely stuck waiting till the next batch arrives in October. It is yet clear when in October this might be.

The new “gold” 5s is the most wanted version followed by the new “space grey” version. The “silver” version of the 5s might be the only version you may still be able to find locally and likely in only the 32GB or 64GB configuration, but everywhere we checked we were told that they were sold out of the 5s in all versions.

The 5c still seems to be in stock very about everywhere right now. While not all stores may have all colors, they do seem to have 5c phones in stock. It isn’t clear yet how sales are going for the new lower priced model, but local sources in our area that we spoke with said the 5c was selling, but not like the 5s did.

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