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iPhone security bugs in new phones

by on23 September 2013

You probably were expecting this 

It was a bad weekend for Apple this weekend as its new nice looking phone ranges turned out to be less secure than Marilyn Monroe.

Firstly there was the iOS 7 lockscreen bug which gives someone unwanted access to your device. The iOS 7 bug allows a person with physical access to your phone to a limited amount of data, even when the four-digit passcode is enabled.

Since Control Center can be launched in this locked state by default, most people will be vulnerable, even iPhone 5S owners with the fancy fingerprint sensor. Then there was the news that the iPhone 5S finger print sensor was not that hard to by-pass. The German Chaos Computer club managed to do it with a camera, a photocopier and PVA glue, proving that fingerprint biometrics were just silly.

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