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Amazon to release its own streaming box

by on04 October 2013

Oh Cinnamon, where you gonna run too?

Amazon is planning to sell its own Video Streaming Box. Code-named “Cinnamon” apparently the box will make it easier to stream Amazon Prime videos to users TV sets.

It can also handle apps and content including music and games from other Web services. Amazon has given potential allies including cable television programmers a mid-October deadline to come up with apps. It looks like the box will be ready for the Christmas holidays.

That is unless something goes wrong. Another rumour claims that Amazon’s box also might be “shelved or delayed due to financial, performance or other considerations,” the paper says. So far there has been no mention of how much it will cost and whether Amazon will have a separate remote control, or enable buyers to control if from their tablets and smartphones.

Google’s $35 Chromecast streaming media player is Amazon’s top selling electronics device. This week it began to stream Hulu Plus in addition to Netflix and YouTube videos.

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