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Microsoft Windows starts to support phablets

by on16 October 2013

Expect Windows phones to get bigger

Microsoft has announced an upcoming Windows Phone 8 update that will support for higher resolution screens. The move will mean that Windows will run on "phablets” much more effectively.

The company didn't reveal specifics, but in an official blog post Microsoft said it will mean that 5- and 6-inch oversized phones could sport 1080p HD displays. The bigger screen will allow more room for Windows Phone 8's signature "Live Tiles" interface — six tiles instead of four.

The move follows Redmond’s move to buy Nokia's handset business in a $7 billion deal, so it wouldn't be a stretch to expect to see a large Lumia, or even a lower end Nokia phablet. And in addition to larger screens, the update will permit new hardware with Qualcomm's 8974 quad-core processor.

The phone OS will have a driving mode lets you make use of a connected Bluetooth device to limit notifications for texts, calls and the like while you are behind the wheel. You can also set up automatic replies to let people know you are driving. There are accessibility apps, including a screen reader, are aimed at making it easier for the visually impaired to use the devices for texting, e-mail, Web browsing and more.

Windows will also have a much requested manual control over closing apps and a rotation lock to keep screen orientation fixed as either horizontal or vertical for when you are, say, reading in bed.

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