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The delay of Watch Dogs is painful news

by on18 October 2013

Ubisoft & Next Gen consoles hurt by the decision

Watch Dogs was clearly one of the biggest AAA titles for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In fact it was one of the titles that should have helped to drive sales of the new consoles. The decision to delay the title will likely hurt the sales of both consoles.

It is not only the consoles that are going to be effected by the news, Ubisoft shares took a major nose dive with the price falling 26% after the news was announced. Of course the news that recent releases had not sold well and The Crew was also be delayed didn’t help matters much.

Wedbush Securities mouth piece, Michael Pachter suggested that the decision could also have been made in the wake of the tough competitors this holiday season. Grand Theft Auto V which has already been released has cash registers ringing and just around the corner we have the release of both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts which are both expected to sell well if they can drag players away from playing GTA V.

Pachter believes that the decision was a good decision for the company in the long term. 2014 is also crowded with releases with TitanFall, Destiny, and Halo 5 which are all believed to be targeting a similar launch time frame.

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