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Chandrasekher reassigned in wake of Apple comment

by on24 October 2013

Qualcomm won’t tolerate blatant blasphemy

Over the last couple of months Qualcomm CMO Anand Chandrasekher got plenty of publicity thanks to his undiplomatic comments about Samsung’s octa-core Exynos chips and Apple’s 64-bit A7, which he described as a marketing gimmick. Then again, he was even harsher with Samsung, as he said that doing octa-core chips is plain stupid and that Qualcomm wouldn’t make any.

However, questioning religious beliefs of Apple fanboys in this day and age is simply not an option. It’s a bit like spitting in the Pope’s face or walking around Mecca with a cartoon of Mohammad on your T-shirt. It’s only a matter of time before radical Apple fanboys start suicide bombing those who question their Lord and Saviour, or church doctrine.

In the end, Qualcomm decided to quietly reassign Chandrasekher to a new post “exploring certain enterprise related initiatives,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, reports CNET. A few weeks ago Qualcomm had to issue a statement following Chandrasekher’s 64-bit comments, describing them as “inaccurate”.

Unlike Samsung and Nvidia, Qualcomm has not said anything about its 64-bit plans. Nvidia has Project Denver, Samsung already said its Exynos chips will go 64-bit, although it is unclear when. It is obvious that Qualcomm is working on 64-bit chips of its own, but it doesn’t tend to announce products two years in advance like Nvidia, so Chandrasekher’s comments were the last thing it needed.

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