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Google unveils updated Google Glass

by on30 October 2013

Still pointless

Google has published a couple of photos showing off a revamped version of Google Glass, with removable earbud. This is not a typo, an earbud, as in mono.

In addition, new models will also support prescription lenses, which comes in quite handy as many geeks wear prescription glasses that look like the bottom of a champagne bottle.

Other than that, Google isn’t saying much about the future of Google Glass. Samsung recently released its first smartwatch and it’s practically a flop already, as it’s too pricey and as many as a third of early adopters simply returned it.

Google Glass does seem to have a bit more potential than a simple smartwatch, as there are quite a lot of possibilities for developers to play around with. However, Glass costs a lot more than a smartwatch and although Google is promising a much cheaper version, due to go on sale next year, we’re still not convinced the idea will take off anytime soon.


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