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Sony makes another mistake

by on07 November 2013

Charges more to encourage multi-player games

Troubled Sony appears to have been up all night trying to work out a way that it can stuff up the new Playstation 4.

After all, it seemed to be on to a winner and Sony can’t have that. Sony has had more than one million preorders worldwide for its new PlayStation 4 console, the head of its SCE computer entertainment division said on Tuesday. Sony has priced the PlayStation 4, its first new console in seven years, $100 lower than the new Xbox One by Microsoft at $399.

For a while we have been wondering how Sony would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and it turns out that it has come up with a novel idea of charging players for playing against each other. Sony plans to charge a monthly fee of $9.99 in the United States and 6.99 euros in Europe for playing multiplayer online games on its PlayStation 4 console scheduled to debut this month.

Multiplayer games can be played for free on PlayStation 3. Sony plans to make PS4 more attractive by including more social networking functions, such as the ability to chat with fellow players. However, if you actually play a game with them you get charged.

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