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UK privacy commissioner spooked

by on12 November 2013

Too much snooping

The UK's information commissioner has expressed concern about the extent of the surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden, saying that issues of national security cannot be allowed to overshadow concerns of legitimate public interest.

Christopher Graham, head of the independent data protection body said that he was concerned by reports of the scale of online eavesdropping. He warned that security could not trump every other consideration and has resulted in a feeling that the country did not have public confidence in the security services.

Graham expressed some alarm at Snowden's revelations about the extent of the NSA's surveillance, which indicated that encryption was useless. The report indicated that encryption had been compromised and the "big internet companies have been leaving open the back door for security services".

He said that he had been telling everyone that they have got to use strong passwords and encryption to keep their information safe online and it turned out it was useless.

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