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Skype kills off annoying clicks

by on15 November 2013

Sadly not yet

Internet phone outfit Skype said that it has worked out a way to remove the sound of annoying keyboard clicks from calls.

Skype said the software automatically filter the sound of your fingers hitting the keys. Unfortunately, the Microsoft-owned company isn’t ready to ship the functionality yet, despite it being ready to go. David Hands, Program Manager of Skype’s Audio and Video Processing team made the tool public this week and it works rather well. The suppression works automatically: it doesn’t have to be turned on, which makes it particularly useful in conference calls.

He did not say when Skype clients would get the feature either, although he did say it would happen.

Microsoft thinks the feature is much more useful on the enterprise side, he was very clear that there is interest from the company on the consumer side as well. Hands noted that there is a lot more work to be done as the company’s enterprise and consumer tools continue to overlap.

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