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EA’s message on Titanfall exclusivity is confusing

by on21 November 2013

Will be a future for Titanfall on multiple product platforms

Electronic Arts CFO, Blake Jorgensen told investors at the UBS Global Technology Conference that Titanfall will have a future at some point that may be on multiple product platforms. Maybe Jorgensen, didn’t get the memo, but at least in the near term it will be exclusive for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360.

While Jorgensen talked up the importance of Titanfall and the fact that people are excited to get their hands on it. What was confusing is his hints around the possibility of a release on platforms other than Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360. From what we know, the first Titanfall is exclusive to the platform, but that might not be the case in the future as confirmed by Respawn. Right now there are no plans for a PS3 or PS4 version of Titanfall.

If it is successful enough, it is possible that Microsoft could try to retain the exclusivity of the title for its platform, but right now that is all up in the air. We will have to see what happens when it arrives in March, but all indications are that it should be the game that Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners are waiting to play right now.

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