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Nexus 5 reviewed, best Googlephone to date

by on26 November 2013



It's matte mate


Google chose a rubberized plastic finish that actually feels quite comfortable in your hand. It is a similar feeling to last year's HTC One X+ that was made from a similar material. It looks matte and feels soft, making secondary fingerprints not visible at first but it will collect a few smudges here and there. It is definitely better than the Samsung Galaxy S4 fishing, but lags behind the HTC One aluminium feel. It looks similar to bunch of plastic phones around, of course on the high-end side. The Nexus 4 used a much different approach, with a glass back. However, it could easily crack and the rest of the package weren’t as good (i.e. physical buttons, soft and shiny bezel plastic).


The power button is on the right hand side just on top of the SIM tray. Of course, the microphone, speaker and micro USB are on the centre of device, while the left hand side has volume rocker that does the job. The front doesn’t feature any physical buttons, everything is controlled using soft buttons and part of screen that will disappear in a few applications including YouTube. This immersive mode looks very nice as it allows more room for content.

On top of the display there’s a small but powerful speaker and a front facing camera. The 3.5mm audio stereo connector is at the top of the device.


The back has huge Nexus sign all over the phone on top of the IMEI number and a discrete LG logo. The camera looks disproportional to the rest of the device thanks to its oversized lens and comes with a small LED below it. It gets the job done, it produces decent but not spectacular photos. The big lens can also attract quite a bit of dust and lint in your pocket.


Like we said the phone feels good in hand, better than the Nexus 4, but the screen looked a bit dimmer than the LG G2. However, one could notice that only if you would have these phones side by side.




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