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EA planning new Desert Strike title?

by on02 December 2013

Trademark info suggests possible resurrection

One of the best games that we have fond memories playing on the Sega Genesis was the helicopter attack game, Desert Strike – Return to the Gulf. Followed up by the sequels Jungle Strike, Urban Strike, Soviet Strike, and Nuclear Strike. The last release was a 2002 offering called Desert Strike Advanced which was for the Game Boy Advanced.

Now comes word that EA has apparently renewed the trademarks for Desert Strike and it just could be that EA is planning a new reboot of the Strike series. The development of another installment called Future Strike was started back in the late 90s, but that ended up turning out to be Future Cop: LAPD which was a mech based shooter title.

If EA were to reboot the Strike family, it would be wise to stick with an enhanced version of the “Choplifter” type format that the game was built upon. An updated version with new graphics and enhancements could find a home on the systems of today, but turning it into some sort of 3D chopper mission based simulation that takes all of the fun out of the game would not be the hit that EA is looking for with at Strike reboot.

So far EA has made no official announcements, but we suspect if they are already working on it that we could see it in June at E3.

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