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Any Xbox One can be a dev kit

by on03 December 2013

Don’t put your Xbox One in dev kit mode

When Microsoft said that each and every Xbox One would be able to become a dev kit, minds went crazy on trying to figure out how they might do this. Now a video on You Tube shows how you can put your Xbox One into dev kit mode, but doing so could cause your Xbox One to get stuck in an unrecoverable boot loop.

Microsoft is warning people not to mess with putting their Xbox One into dev kit mode as they are still sorting things out and you need to have a special code to make the mode useful, but playing around in this mode would have consequences that cause a number of undesirable results.

While some are wondering what they can do in this dev mode, it would see that Microsoft is still working out the privacy, security, and only the Restore Factory Default option can be possible option to recover your Xbox One if it does not end up in a boot loop from doing so.

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