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Automony boss wants to build new reality

by on06 December 2013

A bit like HP

The bloke who flogged his software firm Autonomy to Hewlett-Packard for $11 billion which the printer ink maker had to largely junk, is backing a start-up focused on augmented reality.

Mike Lynch is investing in a start-up dubbed Taggar, allows people to share video and other content they have tagged to objects. Lynch said he is now focusing on commercializing science and mathematics technology coming out of British universities, which he calls "techy tech". The brains behind Taggar is an algorithm developed by Neurence that can recognize and make sense of images, and then overlay content like video on top. 

The HP-Autonomy deal was later tainted by accusations of accounting fraud. Lynch, who has strongly contested the claims says that he had heard "remarkably little" from the authorities in the last year.

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