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Apple paid $60 million to get Samsung

by on09 December 2013

And still lost

The fruity cargo cult Apple fearing that it could not compete against Samsung spent more than $60 million in the courtroom. According to Jobs’ Mob legal documents, Apple has paid its leading outside law firm more than $60 million to wage patent litigation against Samsung. 

The question is whether even if Apple wins or not if that money is ever going to be seen as well spend. Samsung is still Apple’s rival and in many markets it cleaning Jobs’ Mob’s clock thanks to the novel concept of being value for money. All that Apple has managed to do is collect a bit of cash for licence fees, which it probably could have collected if it has asked nicely.

In its fee motion, Apple said it has paid the Morrison & Foerster law firm approximately $60 million through last month, not counting lawyers who had billed less than $100,000 on the case.

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