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Google buys military robot maker

by on16 December 2013

Kill all humans, kill all humans

Search giant Google is constantly expanding, but its latest acquisition is rather unusual. Google recently announced that it acquired Boston Dynamics, a robotics research company that specializes in humanoid and quadruped robots for military applications.

Boston Dynamics does not dabble in standard military robots, like tracked mine disposal vehicles. It is all about bipeds and quadrupeds. Much of the development is funded by DARPA.

Now that technology has provided the US Government with the ability to turn anyone in the world into a cloud of pink dust using nothing but aerial drones, it is hardly surprising that development of military robots for ground forces is taking off.

One of the most interesting prototypes developed by Boston Dynamics has to be the Cheetah robot. Named after the fastest land mammal, the Cheetah lives up to its name as it can outpace Usain Bolt.

However, we are not sure it would be able to outrun our chubby news editor getting chased by a coked up teen armed with a 9mm Beretta at 4AM in a Bosnian suburb. (Again?! Ed)

You can check out the Cheetah in the video after the break and if you are really lucky can see our news editor run for his life on Raifeisen Bank security footage.


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