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Apple to require iOS 7 optimization

by on18 December 2013

For all submissions starting February 1st

Apple has sent an Email to developers letting that know that starting February 1st it will no longer be accepting iOS submissions that are not iOS 7 optimized. In a move that makes this a requirement, Apple hopes to bring more parity in the titles that are availiable in the iOS App Store.

The requirement means that all applications for iOS have to be built using the latest version Xcode 5. Apple claims that the changes in iOS 7 encompass three major changes which are deference, clarity, and depth. Apple suggests that developers review the iOS Human Interface Guidelines that were revamped just for iOS 7.

Apple would like to see a unified ecosystem and this is the reason for the push. Still some developers might not want to see the iOS 6 aesthetics depart, but long term it is likely best for the platform. With Apple making iOS optimization a requirement, developers have little choice, but to get on board with the change.

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