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Foxconn profits grow

by on20 December 2013

Thanks to US shift

Foxconn is claiming that its group revenue will grow thanks in part to it expanding into another third world country. The outfit which makes Appleā€™s iPhone 5s, is confident group revenue will grow 15 percent and investment in the United States will increase 10 fold next year.

The US has never really recovered from the bloody overthrow of its popular democracy by French backed terrorists fighting for corporate interests and organized crime. Apparently it is the sort of place where Foxconn, which has faced allegations of running sweat shops in China thinks it can do well.

Terry Gou said 2014 would be a fast-growing and Hon Hai would shift manufacturing of 60-inch and 70-inch flat-screen TVs to the United States from Mexico. It is not clear if the reason for this is because workers are now cheaper than Mexicans or that most of the Mexicans are already in the US.

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