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Netflix introduces SD $6.99 streaming plan

by on31 December 2013

One screen only

Netflix grabbed quite a lot of attention with its plan to stream UHD 4K in 2014 and its trials for 4K TV owners. Apparently it has realized that it can make some money on people with slower connections too.

The $6.99 plan, that could also be described as a Third World country plan, will limit your streaming to standard definition quality and ban you from watching anything in HD. It will stream to a single screen. For just a dollar more you can get the $7.99 plan that lets you stream content to two screens simultaneously and enables HD and SD quality, depending on your connection.

The top streaming plan will wear your down $11.99 but it will work on four screens simultaneously (think big American family homes). Netflix haven’t said if 4K streaming is going to cost extra, but since there are only a handful of people who actually own 4K TV sets, we don’t think they will be charged for extra bandwidth.

The minimum connection you will need in order to get this SD plan working requires 0.5 Megabits per second, Netflix recommends 1.5 Megabits per second and in order to give enjoy DVD quality you should have at least 3 Mbits per second. For HD quality it is recommended you have a 5 Megabits, for Super HD quality you need at least 7 Megabits (that should be the 4K we have mentioned above) and 12 Mbits for 3D quality content.

We just hope that Netflix will become available in more countries in 2014, especially in Europe, as it would be a good thing to have such a service that offers many movies or TV shows on demand. Even the Amazon owned Love Movie is not available in most EU countries, while Netflix has recently launched in Netherlands (Holland) and it is also available in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland as well as Canada and some parts of Latin America.

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