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Intel will be aggressive about Android this year

by on02 January 2014

Better than ignoring it

Chipzilla has a New Year’s resolution that it is going to get more aggressive about Android in 2014.

Word on the street is that we can expect to see 64-bit processing power and more tablets even while it is still trying to prop up Microsoft’s PCs. Kirk Skaugen, general manager of the PC Client Group at Intel has promised to scale Android to 64-bit and move away from Atom processors all the way to the high-end of the Core processor family.

It is a little behind. Jobs’ Mob have moved into 64-bit A7 processor which was about the only innovation we have seen from the outfit for a while. Samsung has talked about a two-step process for 64-bit and Qualcomm has said that a Snapdragon processor with 64-bit support will hit the market later in 2014.

Digitimes posted a list of Intel Android tablet specifications that includes "Bay Trail" Atom processor-based models ranging from $99 to $129 (7-inch ), from $149 to $199 (7- and 8-inch), and all the way up to 10-inch models priced at $249 and above.


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