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Character swap for Killer Instinct

by on06 January 2014

Along with bug fixes & new ranking system

The Xbox One free-to-play exclusive Killer Instinct has received its first update, which has to be good news for fans of the game. The update, which is being called version 1.1 by developer Double Helix, brings a number of bug fixes as well as a new ranking system to the game.

While the bug fixes are welcomed and the retooling of the ranking system is nice, the most puzzling difference is that the free character that you first get when you download the game has been changed. Rather than getting Jago as your starter character, downloaders will now get Sabrewulf instead. This is part of the “Rotating Free Character” idea that is part of the game’s free-to-play model.

You can head over to Double Helix’s forum to get the low down on the specifics of all of the changes that have been made with the 1.1 update here.


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