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Yahoo releases new products

by on08 January 2014

Predictive search technology

Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer showed off some new technology which she thinks might help turn around the company’s fortunes. Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show Mayer showed off Yahoo’s new predictive search technology which is expected to rival anything Google has.

Mayer announced Yahoo's acquisition of Aviate, a company which makes a smartphone app that automatically brings up relevant information or other apps to suit a user's activity.

"Imagine if your phone can deliver the right experience to you at the right time instead of you having to search for it," Mayer said. "What if your phone suggested music and map apps when you got in your car or fitness apps when you got into the gym?"

Well Marissa most of us would tell it that if we wanted something we would ask for it, but I am sure there are lots of people out there who want their phones to tell them what to do. (They are not phones, they are instruments of religion passed down by our Lord and Saviour. Ed)

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