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Titanfall only to be 6v6 multiplayer

by on09 January 2014

Just the best balance for the game

Respawn has confirmed that it is not any technical limitation that will keep Titanfall at 6 versus 6 for multiplayer matches. While the game has been tested with higher player counts, it was found that at 6 versus 6 it provided the best balance for the game.

While the 6v6 only applies to human players and everyone can have a Titan or follow in guard mode. The game has multiple AI soldiers on the battlefield as part of the game. Of course many are jumping on the decision by Respawn and criticizing the decision.

Big player counts do not equal a good game in our opinion and we will reserve judgment till we play the finished game. If it isn’t a technical limitation like Respawn says, then if play testing has revealed that this is the right balance to make the game fun then it is the right decision.

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