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Updates coming for Xbox One

by on10 January 2014

Will focus on fixing social features

Microsoft is apparently listening to all of the feedback from the community and they are really going to apparently do something about it. While Microsoft’s Marc Whitten admitted to Engadget that as someone who has been involved in building Xbox Live, he is taking it pretty seriously when people say that the find it hard to get into a party on the Xbox One and the defaults are not right and worst yet, they simply find that stuff on the Xbox One is hidden or hard to use.

Given all of this information that the company has been collecting, they will be having a strong focus on addressing the social features of Xbox Live on Xbox One when the first major update arrives this year. Still it would seem by Whitten’s comments to Engadget that we should expect small tweaks and updates at a much more rapid pace that we saw with the Xbox 360.

While Whitten would not comment on when we would see this improvements in an actual Xbox One update and not just talk, he would say that we will see more soon, but he would not be drawn into how soon. He did comment however that Twitch streaming functionality when pressed, would likely be ready before E3 in June.

For me personally, just give me a damn battery usage indicator for my controllers on Xbox One and some way for me to know how much aggregate storage I still have on my internal 500GB hard drive and enable the USB 3.0 port so I can plug the shiny new USB 3.0 external hard drive that I have already to plug in.

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