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Packard Bell to launch gaming PC

by on07 July 2008


One oddly shaped system

Packard Bell's upcoming gaming system has been revealed and the first thing you notice about it is the odd shape. Rather than using a standard square case, Packard Bell has gone with what can only be called an unusual approach.

Although the case is still angular, the front bottom and rear tops have been cut off to create what we can't call the best looking case we've ever seen, but definetly a unique design. The brand name for these systems will be iPower X2.0 and as we've reported in the past, some of the systems will use Aseteks watercooling kit.

Packard Bell's VP, Emmanuel Fromont, has been quoted saying "We want to reposition the brand as a fun, cool, lifestyle brand, and strengthening the company in the gaming sector fits well with that". iPower X2.0 will be targeting a broader market of gamers than what many other so called gaming systems have in the past.

Although no specific details of the hardware configuration was revealed at this time, as the system won't launch until Q4 this year, there are a whole bunch of pictures of the system posted on Gamesdog that reveal a fair few details.

First of all it looks as if Packard Bell has gone for MSI when it comes to the motherboard and it appears to have an Nvidia graphics card fitted. The hard drive bay is at a slant and can accomodate up to four hard drives and the PSU is mounted in the bottom of the case.

You can find the pictures here

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