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Is Driveclub delayed again?

by on23 January 2014

This time, now for a June release

Rumors are flying that despite Sony’s excitement to see Driveclub released soon for the PS4, the promised announcement of a new release date for the PS4 driver could actually spell another delay. If the latest whispers coming out of Europe are accurate, Driveclub will not see release till some point in June.

Why the pumped up racer for the PlayStation 4 is again being delayed is anyone’s guess. We have heard that the game simply isn’t yet ready. The company line would be more to the tune of “…it needs more time to deliver on the vision both the developer and publisher have for the game.”

So far, no one is officially commenting, but enough people are talking about it that we suspect this will end up being true. This is another blow for a title that looked to have much promise for PS4 players.

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