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Ruffian disappoints with no Crackdown 3 announcement

by on28 January 2014

Instead, it announces the new Game of Glens

With all of the rumors that Ruffian would confirm and officially announce Crackdown 3, sites were abuzz, as all of the evidence seemed to point to that being the case. Now, the announcement from Ruffian has come and we are all disappointed with the news of Game of Glens.

Game of Glens is the new game that Ruffian is working on. The game is based on an earlier project that the studio did called Tribal Towers. The game is part of Square Enix’s Collective. The Collective is a curated platform that has been developed by Square Enix to support crowd-funded development and self-publishing. The Collective allows the creators to get feedback about the game to decide if the feedback should lead to an idea or concept that should be incorporated into the game.

Square Enix had previously announced that it would be working on the platform in order to support the self-publishing and crowd funding movement. It will be interesting to see what interest there is in something as to whether the crowd likes it or not.

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