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NSA involved in industrial espionage

by on28 January 2014

Not just interested in national security

The US taxpayer is funding the National Security Agency efforts to steal technology on behalf of US corporates, NSA contractor Edward Snowden told a German TV network.

Snowden said that the data has no value to national security, but is jolly useful for the big US corporates who effectively run the country after terrorists overthrew democracy a while back. ARD TV quoted Snowden as saying the NSA hit the German engineering firm, Siemens so that it could acquire technology for US business interests. Ironically this is exactly the sort of thing that the US accused China of doing.

Snowden also told the German public broadcasting network he no longer has possession of any documents or information on NSA activities and has turned everything he had over to select journalists. He said he did not have any control over the publication of the information.

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