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Limited Edition Xbox One coming

by on31 January 2014

White version of the console to be released

In addition to the firmware getting updated in March, word is that Microsoft is also rumored to planning its release of the first Limited Edition console. According to sources, it really comes as no surprise that the first Limited Edition console will apparently be one to celebrate the release of Titanfall.

This news makes sense, as Microsoft has already announced the first Limited Edition controller for the Xbox One and it was also for Titanfall. The Limited Edition Titanfall bundle will include the Titanfall-themed Xbox One that is painted to match the controller and the Titanfall controller that we have already seen and, of course, a copy Titanfall, Kinect, and the wired headset. A rumored larger hard drive in the Titanfall Limited Edition model is a possibility, but our sources think Microsoft will save that for later.

The very limited white version of the Xbox One will be offered starting in October around the same time that Sunset Overdrive is expected to be released. The white colored version of the console will be the same package that we are seeing today with the 500GB hard drive, wired headset, and black colored Kinect. Only the console and the controller will actually be white, just like what we have already seen. It has been so popular that we knew that Microsoft would have to cash in.

Two other things that we have been hearing are that a 1TB version of the Xbox One will likely see release in November. Microsoft is also said to be experimenting or testing a disc-less version of the Xbox One. This would be a version of the Xbox One without a Blu-ray drive. No word on if it would dump the Kinect as well to bring down the price tag, but it is apparently something that Microsoft is seriously looking at.

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