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Sony in Playstation scandal

by on31 January 2014

Russian into things

Sony has found itself in the middle of a sex scandal after a couple managed to broadcast a 20-minute live bonking session via a 'chatroom function' on the new PlayStation 4.

The Russian man and woman were seen having sex on the PS4's Playroom feature - which allows gamers to use a built-in webcam to communicate with each other. The feature was is supposed to be used to share their gaming sessions with people all over the world and can be seen by anyone. However Playroom for PS4 does not have a filter for unsuitable content, so it can turn the console into a Pornstation.

The pair performed a multitude of sex acts which were viewed by more than 1,000 people some of whom commented on the on-going action. The couple, who went by the online handle g12051992, received more than 150 comments from the thousand people watching their 20-minute bonking session. The couple were having a laugh. They kept looking at their TV screen and smiling. At one point she adjusted the camera so people could get a better look.

Heike Diaferia, Executive Director of Stop Porn Culture, slammed Sony for making such explicit content available.

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