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Watch Dogs still to be released on Wii U

by on10 February 2014

Despite latest cancellation rumors

Ubisoft is apparently playing its cards pretty close to the vest on whether or not it will actually release Watch Dogs on the Wii U. The latest word from Ubisoft is that they are still planning to release a Wii U version of the game.

We have heard that the title will be coming for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in an early spring (which we are guessing means April) launch. The Wii U version does remain listed, but we continue to hear that Ubisoft has elected to cancel the Wii U version because simply put, the Wii U’s sales are just not good enough and the game is unlikely to sell much on the Wii U.

We do know that Ubisoft’s other two upcoming new titles, which are The Division and The Crew, are not planned for a Wii U release. At one point it was apparently talked about, but the graphics on these titles will be next generation for next generation platforms.

Ubisoft has been considered to be one of the most supportive developers for the Wii U platform, but it would appear that similar to others, Ubisoft is also backing away from the development of more Wii U titles till sales numbers improve enough to warrant it.

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