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Two ID@Xbox titles announced

by on11 February 2014

Team 17 & Ninjabee are the developers

The first two titles that are part of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox self-publishing program have now been announced. The titles, which are coming from developers Team 17 and Ninjabee, are both expected to make their way to the Xbox One for release in March.

The title from Team 17 is a Worms title, but little is known beyond that at this point. We can guess that it could be Worms 2: Armageddon that was already released for Android through Google Play; but sources suggest to us that actually it will be Worms Battlegrounds as the name of the new Worms. We will just have to wait and see, but we are also hearing that the title will be getting a PlayStation 4 release.

As for Ninjabee, the title from them is called Nutjitsu, which is a free 2-play game that has already been released on the Windows Phone platform. The game features hand drawn visuals that see ninja squirrels stealing acorns from foxes. It features a top down maze style game play that might remind people a bit of Pac-Man.

Other developers are said to be close to the release of some additional information about their upcoming projects to be released through the ID@Xbox program, but it is currently unknown how close these titles are to release. Sources suggest we should start seeing a steadier stream of indie content by summer time.

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