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Sony flogs Walkman’s in a bottle

by on13 February 2014

Ideal for swimmers

Sony has come up with a new gimmick to flog its waterproof Walkmans -- it is selling them in a bottle of water. It is sold inside a bottle to show you that it really is waterproof and can withstand being underwater for a long time.

Bottled Walkmans appearing in vending machines in New Zealand. Most are placed in gyms where people who always drink water are. Not really sure who would want one, unless it works under water and you can hear music while you are doing laps, although they will have to work out a good way to attach it other wise you will always be searching at the bottom of the pool, or stopping to put your earbuds back in.

While you might be able to buy the product where you need it, the Walkman is still not going to have any music on it, so you will still have to take it home and upload your favourite titles. Still otherwise it is a pretty neat idea.

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