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Titanfall beta is good

by on17 February 2014

Haters need to just get over it

Well the Titanfall beta is out on Xbox One and PC. We have tried it and we can tell you that it is quite good, plays well, and looks great! Those that have hated on Titanfall just need to get over it.

While a variety of complaints have been levied at Titanfall before the beta was even released, we can tell you that from our play experience, the complaints seem groundless. Those that think that the 6 versus 6 matches would not provide enough action, are wrong as the game delivers a great multiplayer experience.

Those that complained about the resolution and thought the game would not look great are also crying about nothing. We found the graphics to look great and the frame rate to be solid. While we would of course like to see Respawn get the rendering up to 900p before release, we are not sure that it really matters as the game play and look of the game didn’t seem to suffer from what we saw.

Sure, there are some rough edges and a few things with the game play balance that Respawn might tweak before the release, the Titanfall beta delivered on what we think is most important. It was fun to play and something different from what we have played before. While the game draws on a number of things for inspiration, the awards it has won are for sure justified.

Maybe the best news to hear is that Respawn and EA are opening up the beta to everyone on Xbox One and the PC. A beta key is now no longer required. The beta has also been extended by one day with it now ending on Tuesday February 18th. The extension is due in part to some down time that the beta experienced after its launch on Friday.

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