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EVGA releases Geforce GTX Titan Black

by on19 February 2014

Full Kepler

Just as the first Maxwell products are starting to appear, Nvidia has decide to release yet another GK110 card but this time, it chose to enable each and every cluster on the chip.

Meet the Geforce GTX Titan Black a card that can be described as Kepler’s swan song. It set to perform faster than the Geforce GTX Titan and Geforce 780 Ti. Geforce GTX Titan Black comes with 2880 shaders, 240 texture mapping units and 48 render outputs, which is significantly more than 2689 shaders, 224 Texture mapping units and a tie with 48 ROPs on the GTX 780 Ti.


It has 6144MB of GDDR5 memory and it supports 4-way SLI, DirectX 11.2 and Nvidia G-Sync. The chip works between 889 MHz and 980 MHz with Turbo boost, while the memory works at 7000MHz. It can push 42.7 Gigapixels a second, just 0.7 more than original Titan and just like its predecessor it needs 250W to work.

The card is out now and it sells for $999 and companies such as EVGA will launch at least two different cards, a vanilla card with a reference cooler and of course non-reference cards. EVGA also has a water cooled Hydro Copper card for people who want to go the extra mile. If you go for the Hydra Copper card, EVGA will throw in a cool EVGA T-shirt, The Art of Game poster as well as a limited edition EVGA branded gamepad.


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