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Microsoft to beta March Update ahead of release

by on21 February 2014

Invites only being sent to select users via Xbox Live

Microsoft is going to test the Xbox One March beta ahead of its March release, which we expect on or before March 11th when EA and Respawn will release Titanfall for the Xbox One. It is believed that a good number of the improvements will directly impact the game play experience of Titanfall, so it is no surprise that Microsoft wants to get this release out smoothly and on time.

To that end, Microsoft has announced that they will be sending out Invites to a private beta test of the March Update ahead of its scheduled release. The purpose of the beta is to help things go even better, or what Microsoft calls “users having the best experience possible” in conjunction with the update.

Selected participants will be given a message over Xbox Line with a code to allow them to register to get the beta. Those selected for the beta will be able to provide feedback to the development team and help shape the update as it goes forward.

Microsoft wants to hit it out of the park with this update and correct some nagging issues with the multiplayer and party experiences on the Xbox One; so with Titanfall coming, they need to get it right. It is likely a good decision to have a closed beta prior to release, but the clock is running and time is short.

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