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PS4 supply still tighter than expected

by on25 February 2014

Will remain that way till at least April

Sony is telling retailers that the success of the PlayStation 4 launch is much better than they could have imagined. That has led to the news that retailers are being told by distributors who have been told by Sony that the supplies on the console will continue to be tight and it will be at least April till the inventory situation is better. It might be a little sooner, but a little sooner only means a week or two according to knowledgeable sources we spoke with.

According to Sony there might be periods between now and April where availability on dealer shelves might be a little better, but ample inventories on dealer shelves should not be expected till April. The success of the PS4 has exceeded even Sony’s high expectations according to reports.

As of the second week of February, Sony has moved around 5 million consoles which is ahead of the Xbox One, but the tables might turn as the Xbox One prepares to receive Titanfall which is the first major excusive title for the platform. According to sources, Sony quietly has apparently expressed the opinion that Titanfall is not likely to impact their sales of the PS4 over the longer term, but it is possible there could be some impact, but with inventory availability tight, the timing might just actually work out for Sony.

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