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Eye Tribe enables eye control on x86 devices

by on25 February 2014

Look ma, no hands

Eye Tribe is showing off their first run of shipping product here at Mobile World Congress that enables eye control on x86-based Windows platforms.  Eye tracking is the process of using sensors to locate features of the eyes and estimate where someone is looking (point of gaze). The technology relies on infrared illumination and uses mathematical models to determine the point of gaze.

Though the software and interfacing are fairly intuitive, the company may fail to gain significant mass-market traction in the consumer space due to the non-traditional input method.  The device should see some good success in improving vehicle safety, medical diagnostics and future academic research which are areas targeted by the company. 

Representatives from the company at the show stated that they plan to have the technology embedded by OEMs into devices to avoid the current bulky hardware at is being used by developers. Their long term goal is to allow for seamless integration into smartphones, and tablets providing consumers with an affordable, multiplatform eye tracking solution.

Fresh off selling out of their initial supply of development kits earlier this month, the company is already publicly talking about plans to build the world’s first and only eye tracking solution for Android.  The current development kit for Windows uses a USB 3.0 interface, and is priced at $99.  We were told that they expect to have an update shortly on the timing of when the second batch of development kits will begin shipping.

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