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EVGA GTX 750Ti FTW ACX reviewed

by on10 March 2014


As far as availability goes, the GTX 750 Ti is in stock all over the place and in Europe you can pick one up from 120 to 150 euro. EVGA treats the GTX 750 Ti FTW ACX as a premium product that has a bit more to offer than reference GTX 750 Ti cards, so it is priced accordingly - it will set you back about 150 euro, depending on the market.

Is it worth the premium? Our tests indicate that it is about 13 percent faster than reference cards, which cost quite a bit less. However, the ACX FTW has better cooler and high factory overclock, with addtional overclocking potential thanks to the beefier cooler and 6-pin power connector.

The R7 265 on the other hand is not a real competitor at this point - mainly due to the fact that the card is simply not available in Europe. Even when they show up in retail, they should cost about 150 euro. Oddly enough the GTX 650 Ti is still on sale and it is priced at 140 euro, a pointless price compared to the new GTX 750 Ti.

The GTX 750 Ti deliver 35 percent greater efficiency per watt compared to AMD's R7 265. For years AMD touted superior performance per watt, but the tables have turned. Even the 169MHz factory overclock did not increase power consumption substantially on the EVGA GTX 750 Ti FTW ACX.

Bottom line, the EVGA GTX 750 Ti FTW ACX offers exceptional performance per watt and thanks to its hefty factory overclock it can take on the R7 265, which is faster than the reference GTX 750 Ti. The ACX cooler has great cooling performance in 3D, but our only complaint is that it is not completely silent in idle. Depending on the level of in-game eye candy, 1080p gaming should not be a problem for the EVGA GTX 750 Ti FTW ACX in current titles.

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Last modified on 03 April 2014
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