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March update released for Xbox One

by on06 March 2014

Another update coming soon

The March update for the Xbox One has been released and is being deployed to Xbox One consoles as of this posting. This is the update that has been planned to arrive ahead of the release of Titanfall on the Xbox One and adds a number of new features and improvements.


The March update includes:

Changes to the Friends list

Party Chat now on by default

Ability to chat with friends playing different games

Invite friends to game option now supported in multiplayer titles

Ability to see a list of those you recently played with

Twitch live streaming support (Not fully active till App arrives March 11th)

Optical out Dolby Digital sound support

50 Mhz support for Europe to address frame rate issues

Now easier to adjust volume up/down

Improved Smart Glass support

Support for new Xbox One accessories (like the new Media Remote)

Internet Explorer enhancements and improvements

IR blaster support for power and volume for TV & AV Receivers

New easy setup for sound bar support

Additional miscellaneous updates and bug fixes

One of the biggest things that Xbox One users want is the promised external USB 3.0 hard drive support that Microsoft has promised. While it is not part of the March update, it is high on the list of things that are being worked on for the next update. Also Microsoft is working on the friends notification system and working with that to improve and make it better before release it.

It will not be long before another update for the Xbox One is released. While Microsoft is still committed to the larger updates for the Xbox One, the company still is planning to roll out smaller update packages with improvements as well. Sources tell us that another update could arrive as soon as next month or maybe a little longer. The push to get the hard drive update out is very real as many Xbox One users are starting to run low on disk space on the internal hard drive. We expect that as soon as the hard drive update is ready, Microsoft will elect to push it out right away.

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