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Tizen could boil Apple’s bunny

by on11 March 2014

Samsung could be onto a winner

Samsung’s push towards the Tizen operating system should be putting the fear of Jobs into Apple. So far Samsung has been pushing Tizen for its Gear line of smart watches in a move that would probably annoy Google more than anyone.

But if Samung starts to look at Tizen into its flagship Galaxy and Note models then the market share of Android would disappear. More than a quarter of the US market share would go from Android, leaving Google looking after HTC, LG and Lenovo. But the move would be more dangerous to Apple. Jobs Mob has not got an OS which can run on wearable computers. Tizen can do both wearables and tablets and smartphones. Tizen also uses less battery too.

Samsung can force Tizen to be quickly updated. It no longer has to wait for Google it is also being developed with wireless carriers such as Orange, Sprint and Vodafone who will want to support the OS. Apple is incredibly slow when it comes to innovation, and with Tizen Samsung has a tool to help it bring out new products much faster. Samsung also has the marketing pull to bring in new developers into its App stores fast.

All up Jobs Mob has a lot to fear from Tizen.

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