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Whitten finds an exit

by on18 March 2014

Departing Microsoft for Sonos

Another big name in the world of Xbox is departing Microsoft. Mac Whitten who has worked in a number roles at Microsoft and made significant contributions to the launch of each and every Xbox plat form is leaving to join Sonos as the new Chief Product Officer.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise as Whitten has served in such roles as Chief Product Officer and Corporate Vice President in the Xbox division in a career at Microsoft that has spanned 14 years. Whitten does not really get into why he is leaving, but those reporting to him will report to Terry Myerson who oversees all Xbox Software development as well as platform development for Windows and Windows Phone. Myerson says that he will be seeking a replacement for Whitten and we suspect the rumor mill will run wild with the possibilities of who might replace him.

Whitten’s departure, no matter what the reason is another blow to Microsoft. It just seems as Microsoft continues to have problem after problem with the Xbox One and now is a time for the talented to come forward and take charge, but we have not seen a lot of that as of late. Instead it has been a mix of back peddling and promises of fixing things in the future.

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