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Apple is doomed claims new book

by on19 March 2014

Haunted by the ghost of Steve Jobs

A new book “Haunted Empire” claims that the fruit themed cargo cult cannot cope without Steve Jobs in charge and will eventually implode. Penned by Yukari Iwatani Kane, a former reporter with the Wall Street Journal, and deals with the changes in Apple since Cook took over as the CEO after co-founder Steve Jobs’ death.

The book clearly has Apple worried, because the normally secretive outfit went out of its way to call it nonsense. Apple CEO Tim Cook told Becky Quick, a CNBC reporter, the book had failed “to capture Apple, Steve, or anyone else in the company.” He said the firm’s strength of 85,000 employees do their best daily “to create the world’s best products.” Based on these facts of the company, the CEO of Apple called the book titled Haunted Empire “nonsense.”

Cook said that he was confident of Apple’s future and with every “doubter in our history,” it made the firm “stronger.” But comment was sort of his undoing. As commentators pointed out Steve Jobs would have never responded to a book about Apple. He would have just ordered his black shirted Apple fanboys to mount a one star Amazon review campaign. They would have also written to the publisher to demand that the book is pulped.

The book calls Cook “a traditional delegator whereas Jobs was a creative micromanager.” It also said that following Jobs death, the firm has become more traditional, which will lead to its failure. Kane said that while Apple is a “successful company” in terms of profits and revenues, it is supposed to have a different philosophy from the others. She said that Apple promises to be “exceptional” always and claims that it makes “products that can change the world.” However, without this promise and claim of the company is futile without the guidance of Jobs and without him, “Apple is simply less convincing.”

It is a nice theory, but it smacks of slighted Apple fangirl rather than anything particularly valid. It assumes that Apple under jobs was doing anything radical in the first place or that Jobs himself was coming up with the ideas. She is correct that Apple has not come up with anything new lately, but it is a moot point if it ever did. What seems to be happening is that the reality distortion field which Jobs maintained at the company has slipped, and people really are seeing that the emperor is not wearing anything.

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