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Amazon shows streaming box to developers

by on21 March 2014

Release is imminent and boxes are in production

Amazon has been showing off its entry into the streaming set-top box market to developers and giving developers preproduction hardware to start working with ahead of the actual release of the Apple TV competitor.

The new streaming box from Amazon will apparently be arriving in April as the hardware is already in production. Amazon has elected to use the “Fire” branding which the company has been known for with its eReader and tablet products.

The presentations to developers signals that it is likely planning a full on apps store with casual gaming apps in addition to the streaming offerings that are planned. Amazon is believed to be offering its Instant Video as well as a music offering similar to Spotify as some of the main attractions of the box.

It is not clear if or how the decision to offer a streaming box of their own would affect Amazon produced programming offerings. Amazon has stepped into the ring with Netflix by putting up the money to fund new and exclusive programming of its own. Sources tell us that while the Amazon box might get it first, it is unlikely that it will be exclusive to the Amazon streaming box owners.

Another unknown is if Amazon will go as far as to offer a controller beyond the standard remote for casual gaming using the box. Sources suggest to us that has not yet been decided, but it could be that Amazon is planning for its included remote will serve this purpose much like Roku has done with their later generation offerings.

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