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Tide turning against Kim Dotcom

by on21 March 2014

Another blow in his fight against extradition

Kim Dotcom suffered another blow to his fight against extradition to the United States after New Zealand's highest court rejected his appeal to access evidence to be presented at the hearing.

The Supreme Court ruled that US prosecutors were not required to disclose evidence at a hearing set for July to extradite Dotcom. The US wants to extradite Dotcom to the United States, where they are also charged with mass copyright infringement, money laundering and racketeering.

A successful fight against the charges could force entertainment companies to rethink online distribution methods rather than relying on using the Government as its private police force. Justice John McGrath said Dotcom had not indicated why he could not fight the extradition charge without full access to the evidence and it was not needed.

Friday's ruling deals another knock to Dotcom's defense, coming just a month after the High Court ruled last month that the search warrant used in the arrest of the entrepreneur and his colleagues was legal. Dotcom is appealing that decision too.

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