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New Wolfenstien release bumped up

by on27 March 2014

Will go global release on May 20th now

Normally we only get to tell you about delays and titles slipping and not making their release date. Bethesda has however beat the odds with the news that they are bumping up the release of Wolfenstien: The New Order in Europe to May 20th which will now matches the North American release. So now instead we will have a global release Wolfenstien: The New Order on May 20th.

It is believed that the reason for bumping up the release of the game is to give players a little more time before the release of Watch Dogs which comes the week after and is expected to sell very well based on the continued positive previews and feedback from those that have seen the development of the title.

As a bonus those who pre-order Wolfenstien: The New Order will also get access to the new DOOM beta when it finally is announced prior to release.

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